ILM 101 Program

What is it?

The ‘Ilm 101 Curriculum is an Islamic learning tool that can be adapted by college and university students and Muslim clubs.

The Need

College-going Muslimahs today face a unique challenge in handling their workload while finding ways to attain sound Islamic knowledge.
At most colleges, Muslim students get together for the purpose of MSA meetings which abound with energy and a desire to learn.
The Ilm 101 Curriculum aims to channel that energy toward a structured learning program of authentic Islamic studies.

The Program

College students have one thing in common, they are all busy in their studies. But,college girls need to learn too! Many times, college students get together once a month for the purpose of MSA meetings anyways. Wouldn’t it be nice for this group to channel some of that energy into studying authentic sources of Islamic learning. With this program, students will take courses on Diseases of the Heart, Seerah, Fiqh, and Hadith.Each student will receive a packet comprised of a reading list, syllabus, discussion questions to guide their learning, study guides, and tests to ensure learning. Each course will be taught by a teacher online while students are completing their work together as a group. There should be lots of learning, discussions, and meaningful interaction as a result of this work.