The Traveling Workshop

What is it?

This series is comprised of five talks, covering the issue of managing life’s most difficult hurdles: time, anger, relationships, finances, and health. In these talks, we hope to utilize the principles found in Quran and Hadith to help us with our everyday struggles. This series was created for the many women who would have liked to come to our weekly halaqa sessions but can’t because of logistical reasons; either the place or time did not work in their schedules. To fill this need, we created the Traveling Workshop where women of a specific community gather for five sessions, once a month. These sessions will take place in the homes of the participants and will rotate between five homes within the community. This series is great for a group of ladies who are already meeting up with their community and would like a guest speaker in once in a while. It is also good for the local group of women who are getting to know women in their area and would like to learn in the process. The speaker will come to you so don’t miss this great opportunity of learning with friends! Please contact Amina Elmehdy for more information.